Xnlogic and Neo4j:

Accelerate your application with a Graph Database

Thursday March 28 10:00 PDT / 18:00 CET

Neo4j's Toronto, Canada based partner xnlogic is a graph database services company that make their application framework available to third-party developers and in-house development teams.

During this 30-minute presentation, we'll show you how simple it is to declare your business logic and how we are able to deliver a powerful domain-specific API that takes advantage of the strengths of Neo4j's graph technology. We'll also show you the simple yet expressive metadata-driven RESTful API that xnlogic automatically gives you, which will utterly thrill your development team.  The xnlogic API speaks JSON, EDN and of course XML, and provides features such as fine-grained (field-level) security, JSON logging, History Graph and more.

Join us to hear from one of the founders of xnlogic, as he gives a brief overview of the xnlogic framework and how it can help you to drastically reduce your time to market on application development.

Speaker: David Colebatch, Co-founder, xnlogic

David ColebatchDavid Colebatch is a co-founder of both xnlogic and LightMesh. Before xnlogic, Colebatch served as a consulting software and process architect focussed on network and configuration management. During this time, he successfully integrated network and system design processes with the needs of build and operations teams using custom software.



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