Neo4j Tutorial - London

Thursday April 25 09:00-17:00 BST

This 1-day training course will stretch your imagination with an understanding of how Graphs and Graph Databases work within a real world datamodel.

Delivered by a senior and experienced Neo4j Consultant, there will be plenty of opportunity to get guided hands-on experience using Neo4j.

Bring your laptop with an installed Neo4j server to get the most out of the day. At the end of the day you will have a much better, real-world understanding of the technology and what it can deliver.  


Aleksa Vukotic, Senior Consultant, OpenCredo

Aleksa Vukotic

Data Management Practice lead and Principal Consultant at Open Credo, Aleksa is a keen lean and agile advocate, author, trainer, software architect and developer, with wide experience of leading roles in the successful delivery of business critical software projects.

In addition to his Java EE expertise, Aleksa is often utilising his outstanding problem solving skills to tackle the most complex problems arising within the projects. More recently, the focus of Aleksa's technology interest has been the application of NoSQL storage solutions for solving complex data problems.

Aleksa has pioneered the use of Esper, open source CEP/ESP engine, to solve complex problems in real time critical applications. As part of his role he has raised awareness of CEP/ESP with Esper in large organisations, by giving technical talks and delivering training to development teams. The combination of high-level management skills and outstanding technical knowledge has make Aleksa invaluable when software teams needed to be motivated to bring the best out the themselves and make rapid progress toward successful project delivery.

Aleksa has authored the technology books 'Pro Spring 2.5' and 'Apache Tomcat 7' as well as articles for the Open Source Journal. Aleksa is also a keen blogger and regularly updates his readers on what he is working on and technical challenges he overcomes, this can be found here.


Watch an attendee from an earlier Neo4j Tutorial discuss his experience below


LMG Training & Development, 202 Blackfriars Road, Southwark, SE1 8NJ, London

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