Visualizing Fraud Data with Cambridge Intelligence

Uncovering Fraud with a Graph Database

Thursday April 25 10:00 PDT / 19:00 CEST

Investigating fraud often involves identifying suspicious patterns among mountains of uninteresting transactional data. A new partnership between Neo Technologies and Cambridge Intelligence allows fraud investigators and data analysts to uncover these patters far more easily. By combining the power of Neo4j's graph database and the visualization capabilities of KeyLines, a web-based graph visualization engine tightly integrated with Neo4j's data model, these investigators and analysts can visually drill down from aggregate data to the individual suspicious data elements quickly and without requiring significant technical expertise in query languages. This presentation will summarize the Neo Technology and Cambridge Intelligence partnership, discuss the technical integration between the two products, and demonstrate a number of different scenarios of uncovering fraud across multiple domains and data types.

Speaker: Corey Lanum, General Manager, Cambridge Intelligence

Corey LanumCorey Lanum is the General Manager of Cambridge Intelligence's US Office where he does a little bit of everything, sales, engineering, marketing, and even making coffee. Over the last twelve years, Mr. Lanum has built visualization and analytical solutions for large organizations in many different industries from Law Enforcement to Insurance to Telecommunications. He enjoys working with customers' unique data sets and modeling the data in a way that produce interesting and unique insights. 



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