From Zero to Graph in 45 Minutes

Thursday July 10 10:00 PDT / 19:00 CEST

In this session, Amanda Laucher will walk you through building your first graph database application from installation through real queries using Neo4j and Cypher. You may choose to work from any language you like but we’ll focus on C# and Java answering questions about others as they come up. 

Speaker: Amanda Laucher, Senior Consultant, Neo Technology

Amanda LaucherAmanda Laucher (@pandamonial) has been working with technology her entire life. Some of her favorite childhood memories include working with punch cards alongside her grandmother or learning Morse code from her dad. Solving complex business problems with code is her passion, mostly using graph databases. When she isn't busy building software to advance educational technology, you can probably find her in a bar discussing intricacies of languages, development processes or American football.


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