Neo4j Tutorial - Portland

Tuesday August 6 09:00-17:00 PDT

This tutorial covers the core functionality of the Neo4j graph database. With a mixture of theory and hands-on practice sessions, attendees will quickly learn how easy it is to develop a Neo4j-backed application. You will leave with an understanding of graph databases, when to use them, and how to get started working with Neo4j.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to Neo4j, from installation to basic operation
  • Fundamentals of graph modeling
  • Querying, creating and updating with the Cypher query language
  • A survey of real-world use cases
  • Opportunity to consult on current projects, possible implementations and proof of concepts

Attendees won't need any previous experience with Neo4j, NOSQL databases or specific development languages, but will need their own laptop with Neo4j installed.

The tutorial will be held at Collective Agency in Portland, OR. Breakfast, lunch and refreshments will be provided.


Huston Hedinger, Founder and CEO, graphAlchemist

Huston HedingerHuston Hedinger is the Founder and CEO of Graph Alchemist, providing Graph infrastructure as a service to large research organizations and Fortune 500s.

Before founding GraphAlchemist, Huston worked for an early stage fund in the Middle East and completed a Master's Degree in International Policy at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. He is an Angel investor with a background in Private Equity Finance and Commercial Real Estate. He is a self taught hacker and enjoys prototyping new technologies for use in data science, natural language processing, and data visualization. He is a speaker of Arabic, an Ultra-marathoner (well, he did one, that was enough), and a Crossfit certified trainer.


Watch an attendee from an earlier Neo4j Tutorial discuss his experience below


Collective Agency, 322 NW Sixth Ave, Suite 200, Portland, OR 97209

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