Data Modeling for Graph Databases

Thursday August 29 10:00 PDT / 19:00 CEST

Neo4j is a powerful and expressive tool for storing, querying and manipulating data. However modeling data as graphs is quite different from modeling data under a relational database. In this talk, Michael Hunger will cover modeling business domains using graphs and show how they can be persisted and queried in Neo4j. We'll contrast this approach with the relational model, and discuss the impact on complexity, flexibility and performance.

We will also be showcasing our new tool GraphGist, a new tool to help you get up and running with Neo4j.

Speaker: Michael Hunger, Developer Evangelist and Head of Spring Integration, Neo Technology

Michael Hunger

Michael Hunger has been passionate about software development for a long time. He is particularly interested in the people who develop software, software craftsmanship, programming languages, and improving code.

For the last few years he has been working with Neo Technology on the Neo4j graph database. As the project lead of Spring Data Neo4j he helped developing the idea to become a convenient and complete solution for object graph mapping. He is also taking care of Neo4j cloud hosting efforts. Michael now takes care of the Neo4j community in all regards and is involved with activities in all parts of the company.

Good relationships are everywhere in Michael’s life. His “real” life concerns his family and children, running his coffee shop and co-working-space “die-buchbar“, living in the depths of a text-based multi-user dungeon, tinkering with and without Lego® and much more.

As a developer he loves to work with many aspects of programming languages, learning new things every day, participating in exciting and ambitious open source projects and contributing and writing software related books and articles. Michael is also an active speaker at conferences and events and a longtime editor at InfoQ.



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