GraphConnect 2012 Awards: Graphies

Hack Night at Heroku: Follow the Data

Tuesday, September 25
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In politics, people are often advised to "follow the money" to understand the forces influencing decisions. As engineers, we know we can do that and more by following the data.

Join us for a data dive into politics using Neo4j, the world's leading graph database. Learn about graph databases while exploring political data. A GraphConnect pre-event, this workshop is for graphistas of all skill levels. Participate in a few hours of coding led by experienced Neo4j developers. Learn while you play with political data, focusing on data import, data queries, and visualization. Also, show up and enter a chance to win free tickets to GraphConnect.


  • learn about Neo4j and graph databases
  • how to import and structure huge data sets
  • how to query data
  • how to visualize data
  • create original graph-based applications


6:00 pm  Welcome & Intro

7:00 pm  Break-out into focus groups

8:00 pm  Code, code, code

9:00 pm  Perfect is the enemy of good - commit yer code, because it is almost...

9:30 pm  Wrap-up - Share progress, thanks, and next steps at GraphConnect

10:00 pm  G'night

Hack Night at Heroku

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