Webinar: Identity and Access Management

Join us for this webinar on how to use graph databases for Identity & Access Management. This webinar is designed for people who work with entitlements, access management, and tracking origins and associations of assets.

Managing and monitoring multiple user authorizations and asset provenance across your enterprise organization is a challenging task. We’ll explore how an interconnected view of your data, gives you better real-time insights and controls than ever before. Neo4j connects your data along intuitive relationships so identity and access management happens quickly and effectively.

In this webinar we’ll start with an overview of Neo4j and Graph-thinking, and continue with exploring some of the use cases showing how Neo4j’s versatile property graph model makes it easier for organizations to evolve identity and access management models.

Alessandro Amidani Svensson, Solutions Manager,  Neo4j
Alessandro has always been very passionate about the combination of technology and UX and he began his career as a web designer in parallel with Business School studies at Stockholm University. After graduating he has been working in the media industry (for about a decade), holding various positions like Head of UX, Business Development and Product Ownership. His latest appointment was as Head of Innovation at Schibsted Media Group (Blocket, Aftonbladet, Omni, SvD etc).

Ryan Boyd, Developer Relations Engineer, Neo4j
Ryan is a SF-based software engineer focused on helping developers understand the power of graph databases. Previously he was a product manager for architectural software, built applications and web hosting environments for higher education, and worked in developer relations for twenty products during his 8 years at Google. He enjoys cycling, sailing, skydiving, and many other adventures when not in front of his computer.

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